I am a final-year PhD candidate at the Blavatnik School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University. I am advised by Nir Bitansky from Tel Aviv University and Zvika Brakerski from the Weizmann Institute of Science. I have a broad interest in theoretical computer science, with a focus on quantum computation and cryptography.

Email: omrishmueli at mail dot tau dot ac dot il



Omri Shmueli


Omri Shmueli

QIP 2022 (best student paper award), STOC 2022, QCrypt 2022 (invited lecture)

Nir Bitansky, Michael Kellner and Omri Shmueli

TCC 2021, QCrypt 2021

Zvika Brakerski and Omri Shmueli

CRYPTO 2020, QCrypt 2020

Nir Bitansky and Omri Shmueli

STOC 2020, QCrypt 2020, QIP 2021

Some Recorded Talks

Invited lecture at BIDSA 2024 Workshop on AI and Cryptography [video]

Invited lecture at Cyber Week 2023 [video]

Conference (virtual) talk at CRYPTO 2022 [video]

Invited lecture at Cyber Week 2022 [video]

Conference (virtual) talk at QIP 2022 [video]

Invited lecture at QCrypt 2022 [video]

Conference talk at EUROCRYPT 2022 [video], Second Kyoto QICF 2021 [video]

Conference (virtual) talk at CRYPTO 2021 [video]

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